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Tunnel Krakatoa Yellow Freeride 70 mm Longboard wielen (84a)

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Diameter: 70mm
Durometers: 84a
Complete set van 4 stuks

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Tunnel Krakatoa Yellow Freeride 70 mm Longboard wielen (84a) Tunnel Products has added to their growing wheel line-up - the Tunnel Krakatoa Wheel, a 70 mm center-set wheel designed specifically for sliding and free-riding. Like all of our high-quality, US made wheels, the Krakatoa is a collaboration of riders, urethane experts, and the crew here at Tunnel.

The Krakatoa Wheels feature a pre-ground surface for immediate sliding capability, with no need to break the wheels in. The high-grade urethane is formulated for controlled slides with a clean hook-up and has a resiliency that allows for longer wheel life. The 70 mm Krakatoa Wheels are 44 mm wide with a 39 mm contact patch. Rounded on both sides, the wheels allow for better access to slides than more traditionally shaped wheels.

Art based on the world’s most famous volcano, the island of Krakatoa which erupted in 1883, was supplied by ace rock poster artist Jason Cooper, who has created works for bands like Ministry, Rollins Band and Gwar

- Name: Krakatoa
- Color: Amber
- Height: 70mm
- Durometers: 84a
- Wide: 44mm
- Contact patch: 39mm
- Edge: Rounded on both sides
- Disciplines: Slding, Free-riding


Marken Tunnel
Durchmesser 70 mm
Härte (durometer) 84a


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